Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finding the Perfect Wedding Gift

With wedding season upon us Poppy has been busy with shoppers asking for wedding gift ideas. Personally I am a non-traditional gift giver and avoid registeries. Fortunatly for those looking for that special gift Poppy is the place to be.

One of our most popular gifts for weddings are our Out On A Limb Wood Bowls and Utensils. The artists Carl and April Terhune are from Centertown MO and use only native woods to form their bowls and utensils. The woods used in their pieces include; ash, cherry, locust, oak, walnut, Osage orange, cedar, box elder and spalted maple. The bowls range in sizes from 12" to 18".

One of my favorite new artists to Poppy is a potter from Contoocook, NH whose work is perfect for a non traditional couple. Boyan Moskov was born in Ruse, Bulgaria and was drawn to art from an early age. In 2008 Boyan Pottery was born in his barn, which Boyan had transformed into his pottery studio. He thrives on designing functional pottery with fabulous color and design. In 2009 Boyan was awarded "Best Decorative Ceramic Piece". Below are examples from his Patchwork Collection.

Windchimes also make a lovely wedding gift. Poppy carries the Music of the Spheres collection. Larry Roark was the founder of Music of Spheres and his vision was simple; make the most durable chimes with the highest acoustic quality possible, "the Stadivarius of windchimes". His vision of "world peace-one backyard at a time" was genuine and heartfelt. Music of the Spheres offers seven sizes of chimes spanning four octaves. Their Chime tunings include Pentatonic, Chinese, Aquarian, Mongolian, Hawaiian, Balinese, Japanese, Gypsy, Wholetone, Quartal and Westminster.

Another new artist to Poppy is Suat Gurtan. His metal wire sculptures would be quite the unique gift for a wedding. Gurtan Designs was established in 1978. Suat's design philosophy is substance over style. He does not believe in fashion and temporary marketing measures, but believes in timelessness. He has great respect for classical architecture and produces, but does not believe in imitating the past. The past is for lessons to be learned. Nature is beautiful and has plenty to offer for inspiration. He thinks the solutions are not within different directins but concentrating on quality, starting with the quality of life.


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